Hassle-Free Integration To Your Infrastructure

Integrating business information Application programming interface (APIs) to preexisting infrastructure should not be time-consuming nor complex, and definitely not disruptive. An API builds and open the door between systems to feed the growing need to efficiently share vast amounts of data across various sources. Onboarding our API ensures that all users will share information consistency throughout your organisation. Most importantly? Like a ninja, our integration process will be silent but the results – forceful.

The Common Pain Points

Cumbersome And Tedious Processes

Disentangle and automate the typically laborious due diligence process. A streamlined process will overhaul unnecessary and repetitive steps – letting you put time saved to better use.

Unreliable And Outdated Insights

Rely on up-to-date and precise information for your decision-making. Routinely and systematically updated data minimizes human error. Act only with the best data available.

Concerns With Disruption To Daily Operations

Like overnight maintenance works, disruption to your system and operations is kept to the minimum. Wake up to a superior infrastructure with our ‘silent’ integration process.

Why Do You Need An API?

Tools & Regulations

With stricter regulations and companies bearing the burden of proof, there is an increasing need to validate and verify information. Where time is of the essence, we understand that business decisions require applications and tools that can furnish reliable, actionable insights ‘hot off the press’.

All Haste, No Waste

We never trust just a single source, data accuracy is ensured through verifying against multiple sources for the most reliable data. Multiple sources also reduce over-reliance and enhance overall data collection efficiency. Our process delivers prompt, precise information in the shortest time possible.

Your Confidante

Think of us as a friend, not merely just a service. Exhibit confidence with our platform and convey credibility to prospects or business partners. We do not have to rebuild your infrastructure. We have the technology, we have the capability to integrate our system. Be better than before. Better, stronger, faster.

SCCB API - Integration

We kick-start your business information APIs integration to your existing infrastructure without reinventing the wheel or upsetting daily operations. 

Project Coverage:

  • Data is secured by HTTPs (TLS1.2 and above) ensuring maximum security and a secure communication between networks
  • Continuous API enhancement and development for improved performance
  • Test environment made available for troubleshooting and familiarisation
  • API tech specifications, RESTful and SOAP API available
  • Professional and competent customer support