B2B Database

B2B Database

Expand And Connect With Your Prospects Pool

Get in touch with new prospects and partners through our reliable and up-to-date B2B databases. These can be segmented to your criteria for maximum targetability and marketing potency to help you get a run for your money.

Benefits of our B2B Database

Higher Response Rates

Targeted marketing efforts toward a specific segment is more likely to be relevant and applicable to the intended audience

Shorter Sales Cycle

Connecting with the right prospects will shorten your sales cycle and generate more revenue in the same amount of time.

Improved Efficiency

Reduce resource wastage by focusing your marketing efforts toward prospects that are more likely to respond.

Database Information

We can segment the database according to your distinct requirements for peak response rates.

Corporate Level
Standard Industry Code
Top / Higher Management
Employee Size
Human Resource (HR)
Contact and Email details
Information Technology (IT)
Sales Turnover
Functional Titles
Sales & Marketing
Geographical Location
Procurement & Suppliers

Execute Smarter, Targeted Marketing

Database marketing allows for targeted marketing of your most profitable and valuable customer segments. Besides saving time and resources, targeted marketing ensures higher closing and response rates by selling the right product to the right customer. A great salesman may be able to sell ice to an eskimo, but smart marketing is about connecting the metaphorical eskimos with the firewood or coal merchants.