Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau Privacy Policy Overview

As the Singapore’s leading credit reporting agency and business information service provider, Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau (hereinafter “SCCB”) is wholly committed to protecting the data privacy and confidentiality of both its internal and external stakeholders including consumers, corporate customers, suppliers, and any member of the public which may have come into contact with us.

Our Privacy Statement is designed to inform you about the collection, use and disclosure of personal data as well as the physical, technical and administrative safeguards we have put in place to protect your information.

In Singapore, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) governs the collection, use, disclosure and protection of Personal Data by organizations in a manner that recognizes both the right of individuals to protect their data and the need for organisations to collect, use or disclose personal data for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances.

Kindly spend a moment to read this Privacy Policy before providing any personal data to us. This is to ensure that you have an understanding and are fully aware of the types and purpose of Personal Data collected, use and disclosed by us. This Data Privacy Policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure consistency with any changes in the requirements of the PDPA.

Personal Data We Collect and Why

SCCB may request and collect Personal Data for various purposes from the following groups of individuals:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Vendors

When SCCB obtains information about individuals from third parties, we use reputable sources, including public repositories. SCCB Singapore employs appropriate measures to assure the quality of information which we collect.

SCCB Singapore’s Approach to Data Protection and Privacy Consent

If SCCB collect Personal Data from an individual, it will first obtain the consent from the individual for the collection, use of disclosure of the data.

If SCCB engages in any form of personal email marketing for its Business Education Services, it will give the individual the option to opt-in for its client loyalty programme and receive regular updates for its Business Education Services. SCCB provides the individual with the choice to opt-out if he or she decides to withdraw consent for the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Data.

All electronic communications delivered by SCCB will also comply with the existing Spam Control Act, in addition to the PDPA requirements.

Notification of Purpose

If SCCB collects Personal Data from an individual, it will notify the individual about the purpose of the data collected. Such notifications of purpose will be stated through privacy notices in our forms or agreements where applicable.

Access & Correction

SCCB Singapore may, upon your request, make available information about the ways in which the individual’s personal information has been or may have been used or disclosed within the past 1 year before the request.

The individual may email if he or she has any questions about how the way his or her personal data is being handled by SCCB. The individual may also email SCCB to obtain a copy of his or her personal data provided to SCCB.

To help SCCB respond to the individual’s request for access or correction of any inaccuracies, it may ask the individual to verify his or her identity and provide other details. SCCB shall respond to the individual’s request within a reasonable timeframe for a minimal fee. However, SCCB Singapore reserves the right to refuse access and correction should the individual’s request be frivolous or vexatious


When submitting Personal Data to SCCB, the individual should ensure that such Personal Data are current, complete and accurate. SCCB will also make reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of Personal Data is accurate and complete if the 3 Personal Data is likely to be used by SCCB Singapore to make a decision that affects the individual concerned or disclosed by SCCB Singapore to another organisation.

You may contact our Data Protection Officers (refer to contact details at the end of the privacy notice) if you believe that the Personal Data which is in our possession is incorrect, outdated or incomplete.


If the individual’s Personal Data is no longer needed for legal or business purposes, SCCB will remove, destroy and anonymize the individual’s Personal Data.

Security and Protection

SCCB is committed to implementing the highest standards of information security to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the individual’s personal information.

SCCB limits access to personal information of individuals to its authorized employees. SCCB also maintains physical, technical, administrative and procedural safeguards to protect the information against loss, misuse, damage or modification and unauthorized access or disclosure.

Within SCCB, access to personal information is limited to those employees of SCCB and its affiliates who need it to carry out their business transactions and responsibilities.

Vendors and other external contractors we engage are subject to contractual requirements to ensure that personal information is safeguarded.

While SCCB strives to protect the individual’s Personal Data, the individual should be aware of the risks associated with disclosing any Personal Data or information when performing transactions over the Internet, or when using public terminals or online portals. The individual is advised to take the necessary precautions such as strong passwords, changing your password regularly and using a secure browser when disclosing Personal Data to SCCB over the Internet.

Updating the Privacy Policy

SCCB Singapore reserves the right to amend this privacy policy from time to time and it advises you to check this policy on a regular basis. If SCCB changes or modifies its privacy policy, it shall post these changes on this page.

For any queries, complaints or concerns, please contact the following Data Protection Officers:
Ivory Chong
DID: 6439 6677

Wang Yong Hong
DID: 6439 6652