Fraud Detection Report

Fraud Detection Report

Always Be The First To Respond

Fraud Detection Report allows you to detect and identify possible fraud scenario to take preventive measures to minimize risk. 

Take proactive steps to protect your information and assets through real-time analysis of your customer’s activities and other entities.

The Common Pain Points

Number Of Directorships

The count of directorship of an individual would determine if they the have had high frequency of folding companies over a short-interval. 

Current Business Interest

Understanding your client’s interest will give you better insights into their focus and decision making process.

Previous Business Interest

A client’s previous interaction can help you trace back for any instances of fraud such as asset misappropriation, payroll fraud, tax fraud.

SCCB Fraud Detection Report

Product Outline:

  • SCCB’s integrated pool of data will alert you when fraud is detected. 
  • The report generated will give you insights into information which will help you determine if it is safe to do business.
  • Real-Time information and assets, readily accessible at your fingertips anytime.