Payment Bureau Singapore

Payment Bureau Singapore

Monitor Your Business Partners’
Payment Activities

Obtain timely information on the payment behaviour and trends of your commercial accounts through the complimentary Payment Bureau Singapore portal. Through this platform, monitor your liquidity and manage the credit-worthiness of your business seamlessly, to help you to mitigate risks and improve your cashflow. Contact us to find out more on how you can gain free, exclusive access to the portal.

Utilising Trade Payment Information

Our Trade Information Enables You To:

Payment Bureau Singapore Helps You In:


Industry Benchmarking

Benchmark your payment trends against industry standards to have a clearer insight on your business portfolio and how you are performing, all in real-time.


Gain access to our proprietary PAYDEX, an indicator which shows a firm’s payment behavior over the past year, based on trade experiences reported by various vendors.

Real-Time Notifications

With our Payment Tracker, receive real-time notifications when there are any changes to your business partners’ payment activity.

Payment Dashboard

The interactive dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of your payment portfolio, offering a wider perspective to aid in your business decisions.

Payment Profile Report

Access your business partner’s Payment Profile Report, where you can analyse payment trends and predict potential delinquency.

Tradelines Monitoring

Staying abreast of any defaults or abnormal payment behaviours by your business partners can help you to mitigate risks.

How It Works

1) Source

Suppliers’ contributions will be channelled to a staging area

2) Processing

Information will be processed into a consistent format before deployment

3) Deployment

Processed data to be made available to users through the dashboard

Benchmark Performance And Protect Against Business Failure

Beyond helping your business to benchmark aging performance against the general industry, PBS monitors and notify you of errant payment activities to enable quick response. It is a free essential tool that not only supports risk management, but serves as leverage during a negotiation. 

By comparing your business against industrial norms during negotiations, you can leverage for advantageous terms (such as better credit terms) to improve your cash flow and financial position.