Conflict of Interest Report

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Reduce your risk Exposure

Have you heard of the hidden risks arising from a conflict of interest? Often, these might seem benign and harmless, but when left alone can lead to more conflicts than anticipated.

The Conflict-of-Interest Report thoroughly vets through potential suppliers, while verifying their relationships with persons of interest to you. It will provide you with the common shareholders and directors among a list of companies and individuals.

Scenarios for Conflict of Interest to Arise:

It only takes an individual or a few persons from different organisations to damage the credibility and culture of an organisation.

Examples of Conflict of Interest:

Conflict(s) arising from scenarios often lead to actions that follow-up with the intent of personal gains.

Consequences arising from Conflict

A company’s culture might be undermined.

Severe and irreversible reputational damages

Hefty fines and/or legal actions might ensue.

Benefits from our report

Better understanding of your customer’s vested interest and activities from our list of common shareholders and directors.

Identify potential conflicts that may arise from conflicting business interests.

Help your organisation avoid potential credit loss and damages.

Make timely and accurate business decisions with real-time reporting.

Thoroughly vets through qualified and updated list of contacts and records.

Save time and resources looking for the right references.

Let us help you understand more about your clients.

Stay alert and ahead of the curve by ensuring that the information you are receiving are up to date and relevant with your current understanding. Mitigate the risk and take proactive steps to ensure that your organisation is safe from potential business threats. 

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