Credit Monitoring

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Credit surveillance for hire

Where time and vigilance is of the essence, combat the fallout from litigation negativities or unsettling financial activities with Credit Monitoring. It is a preferred proactive approach to help you monitor the financial health and adverse news of your business partners, clients and competitors.

Acting as your conceptual third eye, prompting you when your accounts exhibit alarming financial behaviour or the emergence of adverse news. Safeguard your key  accounts when you subscribe to Credit Monitoring.

Ensuring a peace of mind

Better understand your customer’s credit performance with other suppliers

Early warnings on your customers’, suppliers’ or partners' potential payment problems

Help to minimise bad debts and improve your company’s cash position

Make accurate and timely credit decisions with prompt notifications

Flexibility to replace up to 20% of your monitored records on a monthly basis.

Save time and resources with automated monitoring of your key accounts

Leave the monitoring of key accounts to us

Save precious time and money without the need to manually monitor noteworthy accounts. Credit Monitoring is a vital early warning credit risk tool that helps you to set your mind at ease knowing that you are one step ahead. With the flexibility to change your monitored accounts and ability to set specific triggers, customise Credit Monitoring to work for you.

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