XBRL Financial

XBRL Financial | Business Credit Report | Credit Monitoring | Debt Collections | SCCB API | Smart Compliance Screening | Telemarketing

Seamless and cost effective

XBRL short for “eXtensible Business Reporting Language”. 

This financial report is exactly the same as our financial online report (full audited financial statement) except it excludes company stamp and signature. 

It is also available in API for data analysis and automation. 

benefits of XBRL Financial API

Financial Analysis

Publish reports with confidence knowing the information can be consumed and analysed with upmost accuracy.


A streamlined process will overhaul unnecessary and repetitive steps – letting you put time saved to better use to find exactly what you are looking for.

Cost Effective

Financial statements with this report are cheaper as it excludes company stamp and signature.

Transit into a smarter and more efficient way of reporting

The key advantage of XBRL is it’s push for greater transparency, as data can be quickly pull apart and analysed instantaneously with software tools. 

This process allows you to have more control, reach and flexibility over your data rather than manually comparing financial statements.

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