Litigation Monitoring Service (Malaysia)

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Are you well informed?

Being informed of your client’s legal standings can help you determine their financial capacity to do business with. 

Early warnings of any crucial risk to your organisation can help you stay prepared and ahead of time. Our litigation monitoring service will alert you for any mentions of your suppliers, vendors on a continuous basis. 

Stay notified of any forthcoming legal cases involving your partners in Malaysia. 


Litigation Monitoring is an early warning credit risk tool that continuously monitors legal proceedings for mentions of your suppliers, vendors, partners, or clients. 

It also alerts you of ligation issues that shows up on your revenue-generating accounts. Receive alerts the moment any legal proceedings are levied by or against your monitored accounts. 

Source and Coverage

Source: Office of the Registrar Malaysia
Currently covering 134 Courts Location with a breakdown of 19 types of courts from 28 locations.

Type of Courts


First to know

Be alerted of any legal proceeding levied by or against their suppliers, vendors, partners, or clients.

Customise your options

Flexible monitoring options matching by Name or Case No.

Keeping you informed

Daily Monitoring, Email Alerts and PDF results of match results will be send to you.

Stay above and beyond

Go with a peace of mind that your needs are well covered and taken care of.

SCCB Litigation Monitoring Service in Malaysia

Take a step forward and enquip your organisation with the means to anticipate risk that might potentially hurt your organisation. Let us help protect your business interests today.
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