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Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau (SCCB)


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Reduce credit risks and accelerate growth

The SCCB portal provides 'all-in-one' access to corporate credit information and regulatory compliance reporting tools to support multiple business needs. From credit risk management to performing Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, SCCB's actionable insights ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision.

Business Credit Report

Empower yourself with concise credit profile of companies and individuals to assess their creditworthiness. Our credit reports deliver the information you need to confidently ascertain if a potential customer, partner or supplier is an opportunity or a liability. Likewise, your company’s business credit report can be proof of your financial tenacity and profitability during negotiations.

Credit Monitoring

A pro-active approach to alert your organisation against accounts that need to be re-evaluated. Receive real-time notifications when there are emergence of  litigation, adverse news, defaults and bankruptcy alerts by your monitored accounts. Get the scoop before everyone else.

Debt Collection

A ‘No collection, no commission’ guarantee, SCCB’s Collections Service leverages on our bureaucratic capabilities, legal prowess and global network for successful debt recovery. Maintaining the highest level of professionalism and the exclusive use of legal collection channels – we prevent any risk of brand tarnishment or damage to your corporate reputation. Recover debts and improve receivables without sacrificing your core business operations.


SCCB API deliver prompt, precise information and in addition, its use of the platform also serves as an icon of credibility to business partners and prospects. Conveniently access up-to-date business information with little to no lag time. Above all, the integration process will be ninja-esque: silent but forceful. 

Smart Compliance Screening (SCS)

An AI-driven, automated screening solution aimed at transforming the typically laborious due diligence process. SCS ensures Regulatory Compliance and high precision in identification of persons (i.e. UBO, KYC checks) and organisations at risk to strengthen fraud protection and your brand integrity. SCS will see to it that you only associate with the ‘right’ crowd.


Speed up your sales cycle and uncover growth opportunities by investing your time on valuable prospects. Our dynamic, multilingual telemarketing team will promote your business and competently gauge the customer’s level of interest in your product or service – ensuring your sales team only devote time to quality leads. Expand your sales territory and brand outreach as there are no areas too remote (as long as a signal remains).

B2B Database

Get connected to valuable partners through our extensive and up-to-date databases. Essential information such as Standard Industry Code, Employee Size, Sales Turnover, Contact and Email details of Functional Titles and Geographical Location will be included for you to better target your marketing campaigns. 

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