Credit Rating Approach and Methodology

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Credit Rating Approach and Methodology


SCCB Comprehensive Report’s Credit Rating (Credit Assessment (CA) Rating) serves as an indicator to identify business sustainability risk or going-concern issue or probability of failure. The CA Rating is rated on a scale rating basis from 1 to 6 where 1 is the lowest risk and 6 is the highest risk. The CA Ratings are determined based on different weightage composition assigned on Financial and Non-Financial factors.

Credit Assessment (CA) Rating

The rating serves as a reference to assess the Subject Company’s credit to be extended. It is calculated from a composite of weighted scores obtained from each of the major sections of this report. The assessed factors and their relative weights (as indicated through %) in our credit analysis are as follows:

  • Financial Condition (40%)
  • Credit History (20%)
  • Ownership Background (20%)
  • Payment Record (10%)
  • Market Trend (5%)
  • Operational Size (5%)
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